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Phone and Pad Warehouse has been deploying and maintaining technology solutions in the classroom. We minimize classroom disruption and maximize classroom learning opportunities through advanced technology and exceptional service.

We believe our services and products are essential to the school system, as we can provide cost-effective solutions. We work with many schools distributing multiple tablets and laptops for all the students for certain projects or for the entire school year.

Contact us with your student's needs and we will work our best to accommodate all the students to help further there education through advanced technology at a very reasonable cost.

iPhone & Pad Repair works with many different schools throughout South Florida. We prove discounted technology for students through our tablets & laptops for students program. We provide many tablets for students with Microsoft as well. Tablets for students with note-taking, with writing deficits, & iPads for Students. We are a student tablet discount school provider. Contact us for more information today!


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  • iPhone Repair Miami offers a variety of solutions to help educators and students create, communicate and maximize the learning experience.

Early creative education
For students of all ages and skill levels, technology can play a key role in developing and nurturing creativity and imagination. We believe in and support digital products that work with the technology that schools have in their classrooms. We invite teachers and students to find their inspiration and explore their imagination.

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