Repair Course will be Announced and Scheduled Soon

Few courses can compare to our hands-on training experience. Watch the video to see a preview of our previous training. The cost for the training is $500 with a 50% deposit due now to reserve your seat. Discount Available if paid in FULL. Remaining balance due the day before the class starts.

**Please contact us by phone and ask for Sol if special payment requests are necessary.

    Repair Process & Techniques

    You're going to learn the proper way to repair a variety of the major devices on the market including (but not limited to) Apple and Samsung brands.  Feel confident in your ability to complete both simple and difficult repairs as we help teach you how to avoid unnecessary mistakes along the way.

    Simple & Advanced Diagnostics

    Knowing how to use a screwdriver is one thing, but being able to identify the nature of the problem by understanding the symptoms is a skill very few have in this industry.  This knowledge will prevent you from wasting time and money attempting to fix parts of a device for no reason because you'll know how to identify most issues ahead of time.

    Cell Phone Parts

    Not all replacement parts are made equal. The biggest waste of money in the repair businesses is buying low-quality parts and not being able to return them.  We will help you learn the components inside of these devices and how to identify quality replacement parts and how to get them at wholesale costs from reliable suppliers.

    • Class Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM